Thomas Meadowcroft
Thomas Meadowcroft is a freelance composer and musician.

His music has been described as 'reaching an inexpressible
purity' (Le Monde), 'nerve torture' (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and
'dreamy post-rock' (The New York Times).

He has worked with various artists and ensembles, including
Deutschen Filmorchester Babelsberg, Dirk von Lowtzow
and René Pollesch, Grete Pedersen and the SWR
Vokalensemble, 'Either/Or Ensemble', KNM Berlin,
'Speak Percussion' Melbourne,'Tocotronic','Yarn/Wire',
a.o. His music has been performed at various festivals and
concert series, including in Berlin Germany ('Märzmusik'),
Erbil Iraq ('Hawler International Theater Festival'), Jakarta
Indonesia ('Salihara' Festival'), Lucerne Switzerland ('Luzern
Festival'), Los Angeles USA ('Monday Evening Concerts'),
Melbourne Australia (ABC Centre), Munich Germany
('Münchener Biennale'), New York USA ('Metropolis',
Carnegie Hall), Oslo Norway ('Ultima' Festival), a.o.

He lives in Berlin.
radiophonic works
Moving Homes
with: Anthony Burr (bass clarinet), Anthea Caddy (voice, violoncello on
'cyclones'), Zoé Cartier (violoncello), Robin Hayward (tuba on 'cyclones'),
Hilary Jeffery (trombone), Thomas Meadowcroft (voice, e-piano, organ,
ukulele, electronics), Boris Meinhold (guitar, lap steel guitar, mandolin),
Rico Repotente (extra guitar on 'Country 'n Gamelan'), Michael Rotschopf

realisation: Thomas Meadowcroft
sound engineer: Andreas Stoffels
producer: Marcus Gammel
text assemblage: Thomas Meadowcroft (with citations from Emmanuel Kant,
Alain Badiou, Simon DeDeo, Søren Kierkegaard, Paul Virilio, Simone Weil
and the testimonies of cyclone survivors from Far North Queensland)
commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur and ABC Creative Audio Unit
(first broadcast: Deutschlandradio Kultur, ABC Radio National)
(2016) 43'
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Severe tropical cyclones may lead to the break-
down of civil order, from which, as a pretext to
returning to this order, the state can cut basic
services, so, ah, grabbed the kids, but left the
dogs, hey.
Song Buslines
with: Anthony Burr (pedal steel guitar), Boram Lie (violoncello),Thomas
Meadowcroft (voice, e-piano, organ, electronics), Pat O'Shea (guest
voice on 'Radio'), Rico Repotente (guitar), Mari Sawada (violin), Daniella
Strasvogel (viola), Biliana Voutschkova (violin)

realisation: Thomas Meadowcroft
sound engineer: Thomas Monnnerjahn
producer: Marcus Gammel
text: Thomas Meadowcroft (with references to Psychological Aspects
of Geographical Moves: Homesickness and Acculturation Stress
, ed.
Miranda van Tilburg and Ad Vingerhoets, Amsterdam Academic Archive)
commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur
(first broadcast: Deutschlandradio Kultur -- further broadcasts: ORF, ABC
Classic FM, ABC RN)
(2013) 50'
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Its restaurant-style food at pub prices, you will
really be absolutely amazed at the price and the
value of the meals there...
...the thing is, all night, on the piss, having durries.
In fact, it all evens up. She'd have to. You look
good. Oh shit, that was so bad because I just kept
going and you fucking, you stuck it on the fucking,
had to be real lovey-dovey: "darling, I love you." are rarely scared of large spaces but they
are often homesick. Homesickness is often seen
as childish but is sanctioned among the kiddies.
Understanding how kids cope with homesickness
could be helpful to us all. Kids know you can't think
two things at once.
Accommodation For String Quartets
for string quartet, portable organ, glockenspiel, cash register,
pot plant, toy birds, plastic bags, ouija board, monopoly board, tissue
boxes, female voices, loudspeakers and playback
(Quartett PLUS 1 (Katharina Pfaender, Kristina van de Sand,
Kathrina Huelsmann, Lisa Stepf), Corinna Thiesen (scenography),
Sophia Stepf (dramaturgy), Ann-Kathrin Blohmer (costume),
Charlotte von Blomberg (production), Familie Blohmer, Hildesheim
(2014) 50'
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Concepts of the present, move among us,
be guided by the board. We summon the spirit
of consumer capitalism: consumer capitalism,
are you there?

Cars 'n Sunsets
concert music for flute and playback
(first performance: Kirsten Reese, Konzerthaus, Berlin GERMANY)
(2005) 5'
Cello Pieces / A Vanity Press
concert music for violoncello and playback
(first performance: Alex Waterman, Cal Arts, Valencia USA)
(2005) 12'
concert music for percussion duo, with live or pre-recorded Wurlitzer e-piano
(first performance: Speak Percussion, Märzmusik Festival, Haus der Berliner
Festspiele, Berlin GERMANY -- further performances: 'Connect' Festival,
Malmo SWEDEN; 'Monday Evening Concerts' Los Angeles USA;
'Galeria Salihara', Jakarta INDONESIA a.o.)
(2013) 8'
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Eremozoic Age Lovers
concert music for for speaker, organ, electronics and choir, with texts by
Edward O Wilson, and the sweet nothings of anonymous lovers
(first performance: SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart / Grete Pedersen (cond.) /
Thomas Meadowcroft, Theaterhaus, Stuttgart GERMANY)
(2014) 18'
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Ezra Jack Plot
concert music for chamber ensemble and video stills from The Snowy Day
by Ezra Jack Keats
(first performance: KNM Berlin 'Metropolis', Konzerthaus, Berlin GERMANY
-- further performances: 'Berlin In Lights' Carnegie Hall, NYC USA,'The
Kitchen', NYC USA a.o.)
(2007) 14'
(Artwork fromThe Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, copyright
1963, appears with the kind permission of the Ezra Jack Keats
The Great Knot
concert music for percussion trio
(first performance: Speak Percussion, Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Centre,
Melbourne AUSTRALIA -- further performances: 'Monday Evening Concerts'
Los Angeles USA; Eklekto Percussion Centre, Geneva SWITZERLAND a.o.)
(2011) 18'
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Greed Shortage
concert music for chamber ensemble and toy electronic keyboards
(first performance: Ensemble Mosaik, 'Audio Poverty' Haus der Kulturen
der Welt, Berlin GERMANY -- further performances: 'Ultima Festival'
Oslo NORWAY, 'Open Sources', Berlin GERMANY)
(2013) 20'
Ground Manual
concert music for chamber ensemble
(first performance: ensemble recherche, Witten New Music Days, Witten
(2001) 10'
Home Organs
concert music for percussion sextet
(first performance: Les Percussions de Strasbourg, 'Voix Nouvelles',
Abbaye de Royaumont FRANCE -- further performances: Luzern Festival
SWITZERLAND; Maison de la Radio, Paris FRANCE a.o.)
(2000) 15'
Last Names for Nationstates
concert music for organ, playback and football commentary
(first performance: Thomas Meadowcroft,'Labor Sonor' KuLe, Berlin
(2003) 8'
Little Hans
concert music for flute, oboe and Eb clarinet
(first performance: trio e-vent, Ballhuas Naunynstrasse
(2000) 5'
Medieval Baroque
concert music for four percussion players, flute, bass clarinet, violin, violoncello
(first performance: Alexandre Babel, Guy-Loup Boisneau, Thierry Debons,
Nicolas Didier, KNM Berlin, 'Festival Batteries IV', Theatre du Galpon,
(2013) 25'
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Monaro Study
concert music for two clarinets, Holden automobile recordings and sinetones
(first performance: Elision Ensemble, Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Centre,
Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
(2008) 15'
Peacemaker Tattoo
concert music for orchestra and Revox
(first performance: Philhamonische Orchester des Staattheaters Cottbus
(cond. Evan Christ), Staatstheater, Cottbus GERMANY -- further
performances: BBC Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Brett Dean),
Maida Vale, London UK)
(2011) 5'
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Perseverance Dam
concert music for bass clarinet, accordion, guitar and electronics
(first performance: Matthias Badczong, Christine Paté and Seth JoseI,
Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin GERMANY)
(2007) 17'
Plain Moving Landfill
concert music for percussion solo
(first performance: Christian Dierstein, 'Forum Neue Musik Luzern',
(2003) 14'
Pretty Lightweight
concert music for flute, viola, violoncello and laughter track
(first performance: Klangforum Wien, 'European Month of Music', Basel
(2001) 7'
Sunken Bore
concert music for (contra-)bass clarinet(s), playback and feedback
(first performance: Hans Koch, Chris Heenan and Manfred Spitaler
Kleinen Wasserspeicher, Berlin GERMANY)
(2009) 8'
Walkman Antiquarian
concert music for percussion duo, piano, sampler
(first performance: Yarn/Wire, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn USA)
(2013) 17'
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Weather Forecasting Opera
short film with live musical accompaniment
in collaboration with Peter Sabat
(first performance: Bavarian State Opera, Munich GERMANY)
(2001/12) 17'
Schall und Wahn
(Tocotronic, Vertigo Records)
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Tocotronic (Das rote Album)
(Tocotronic, Vertigo Records)
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Von einem der auszog, weil er sich die Miete nicht mehr
leisten konnte

(Opera by Dirk von Lowtzow and René Pollesch)

with: Franz Beil, Lilith Stangenberg, Martin Wuttke, Martin Gerke,
Filmorchester Babelsberg, Oliver Pohl (conductor), Rundfunk-Kinderchor
Berlin am Georg-Friedrich-Haendel-Gymnasium
Text and direction: René Pollesch
Song texts and composition: Dirk von Lowtzow
Arrangements and orchestration: Thomas Meadowcroft
Stage: Bert Neumann
Costume: Nina Mechow
Light: Lothar Baumgarte
Sound: Christopher von Nathusius, William Minke
Soufflage: Tina Pfurr
Dramaturgy: Anna Heesen
Volksbühne, Berlin GERMANY
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Monaro Eden
four-channel sound installation with six foot pedals (installed dimensions
('Contemporary Australia: Optimism' 2008/9, Gallery of Modern Art,
Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
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Opera Abstract
a musical action for one performer
(Thomas Meadowcroft, 'Münchener Biennale', Muffathalle, Munich
more info
This man is working on an opera.
The theme of the opera is the untenability of the

The theme is expressed by the following plot line:
scientists and poets ask whether it is worthwhile
to send a record into space documenting
humanity's efforts. They stand at the beginning of
a mass extinction of planetary species,
The Eremozoic Era, The Age of Loneliness.

The opera will sound beautiful.
The further away the sound, the faster it will
appear to go.
Time will appear to move slower than ever before,
musicians will play and comprehend more sounds
in less time than ever before,
a kind of shimmering surface effect.

The man needs money to complete the work.
In this way, the work resembles the future that the
scientists and poets cannot contemplate.
It, too, is untenable.
And yet here you are and you have found it.

"Let all the children boogie."

(various combinations of revox reel-to-reel tape machines, organs, e-piano,
electronic treatments etc.)
(similar to above, but while on stage with trained actors; collaborations
with Eckly/Spreafico, David Heiligers, HUNGER&SEIDE, Institut für
Glüsksfindung, SXS Enterprises a.o.)
(progressive disco fitness music for keyboard, electronics and percussion -
in collaboration with Steve Heather)
'An Afterword to Individuality'
In 'Darmstaedter Beitraege zur Neuen Musik Band 21', Schott Musik
ISBN 978-3-7957-0816-0
more info
'Berlin, Medieval Villages, and Music Communities'
In 'Echtzeitmusik Berlin', Wolke Verlag
ISBN 978-3-6360000-82-5
more info
Ground Manual
(chamber ensemble)
ensemble recherche
more info
Monaro Study
(two clarinets, holden automobile recordings and sinetones)
On 'Skirl 016'
(Clarinets, Anthony Burr)
Christ - conductor)
more info
Peacemaker Tattoo
(for orchestra and revox)
On 'Impulse: 24 Premieres'
(Philhamonische Orchester des Staattheaters Cottbus, Evan
Christ - conductor)
Walkman Antiquarian
(percussion duo, piano, sampler)
On 'Yarn/Wire/Currents Vol. 1
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incidental music
Birth Of An Object
incidental music for short film by Romeo Grünfelder
more info
Lamento - Auf den Spuren von Dylan Thomas
audio walk for project by by David Heiligers, Pascale Martin and Jil
Bertermann (Schwere Reiter Gelaende, Munich GERMANY)
more info
Prinzip Zufall
title music for short film by Romeo Grünfelder
more info
incidental music for theater by Franz Xaver Kroetz
Münchner Kammerspiele
more info

contact: t dot meadowcroft at web dot de

artists featured on recording exerpts: 
Biliana Voutschkova, Mari Sawada, Daniella Strasvogel, Boram Lie, Rico
Repotente, Anthony Burr, Thomas Meadowcroft (Song Buslines)
QUARTTET PLUS 1(Accommodation for String Quartets)
Cottbus Philharmonic Orchestra /Evan Christ (Peacemaker Tattoo)
ensemble recherche (Ground Manual)
Speak Percussion (The Great Knot, Cradles)
Eugene Ughetti (Plain Moving Landfill)
Irene Rovan, Martin Clausen, Hannes Liebmann ((voices on)Lamento)
Klangforum Wien (Pretty Lightweight)
Les Percussions de Strasbourg (Home Organs)
Steve Heather and Thomas Meadowcroft (New Trainers)
Thomas Meadowcroft (solo)

photos courtesy of:
Australian Bureau of Meteorology (map, Moving Homes) (stage shot,Von einem der Auszog...)
Romeo Grünfelder (still from Birth Of An Object)
Franz Kimmel (Opera Abstract)
Constantin Mirbach (Lamento)
Raphaele Mueller (Revox solo, Geneva)
Sophie Reindl (zombie from Wer Ist Dein Wolf?)
Peter Sabat (stills from Weather Forecasting Opera)

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